Figure Course @ London Fine Art Studios
Feb 14 @ 10:00 am – Feb 16 @ 4:00 pm

Figure Drawing Courses in London

Course Overview

The Importance of Working from the Figure Model: A true understanding of the fundamental principles of figurative art: proportion, volume, gesture, values, edges and colour, can only really be taught and learnt by working from life, and especially from the life model.

In the history of art education it was often considered the highest form of art and the foundation for all other aspects of drawing and painting. Students were expected to understand and draw the figure before they could move onto other subjects. This is not because it is the easiest but, conversely, because it is the most challenging discipline. Once a student has mastered the figure, all other subjects are relatively easy – portraiture, landscape, still life, composition, colour etc.

Course Structure

Figure drawing and painting classes are held every day at the studios, including Saturday mornings. They are also held on a Monday and Tuesday evenings. Once students have completed the Foundation Course, they can choose to enrol on the Figure Course at any of the available times.

charcoal atelier drawing figure courses
charcoal atelier drawing figure courses
Figure Drawing Courses in London
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