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The July Course

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Course Overview

Our popular summer programme is the perfect immersion in fine arts training.  Students will focus on a different discipline beginning with Foundation and progressing through Figure, Portrait to Landscape or Sculpture.

Artists and students can choose to commit for the full four weeks, layering their knowledge and skills over the month; alternatively they than can select a single or combination of weeks to meet their needs and interests.

For some of our students it is the opportunity to consolidate their learning; for others, new to painting and drawing, it is the chance to learn the fundamentals and how to develop them; for those wishing to join us for the long term it offers a snapshot of the school, the method and the community.

Course Structure

Monday – Friday: 10.00am to 4pm.

Monday 4pm: an optional, untutored sketch club with a life model – an ideal opportunity to apply the teachings to your own work.

Tuesday and Friday 4pm: painting demonstrations to illustrate the logical next steps and natural progression of your work.  An opportunity to watch, learn and ask questions.

Term dates & prices here.

One week, £395-£400; two weeks, £765; three weeks, £1110; four weeks, £1370.

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Course Content

Week 1:          Foundation

Week 2:          Figure

Week 3:          Portrait

Week 4:          Landscape or Sculpture or Etching

For further details in all these courses please refer to the detailed sections for each discipline.


A list of materials needed will be sent out before the start of each course, all available from Lavender Hill Colours.


Recommended Further Studies:

We encourage students to complement their studies by taking the time to visit exhibitions and practice sketching in museums. In addition, the Studios host a range of events throughout the term aimed at enhancing the artist’s understanding of their craft and the tradition that they are working within.

We recommend the following books available from Lavender Hill Colours.

Alla Prima II – Richard Schmid (paper back or hard cover)

The Painter’s Methods & Materials – A.P.Laurie

Charles Bargue & Jean-Léon Gérôme Drawing Course – Gerald M. Ackerman

The Art Spirit – Robert Henri

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials – Harold Speed

The Practice & Science of Drawing – Harold Speed

Portrait Drawings – John Singer Sargent


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