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London Fine Art Studios is an art atelier that specialises in teaching the craft of drawing and painting, always working from life. We teach the core principles of proportion, gesture, values and colour to a unique community of students and professional artists. Our aim is to give our students a solid foundation so that they can have the freedom and confidence to develop their own work and style.

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London Fine Art Studios is a unique community of artists. It dispels the myth of the lonely artist; students and professional artists study with us for the consolidation of core skills and for the positive impact of learning in a group.

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The foundation course gives a student an overview of these principles. In subsequent courses students can delve deeper into these core principals, initially working from plaster casts and still-life and moving onto both the figure and portrait model.

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Working from Life

At London Fine Art Studios, we only work from life, whether from the plaster cast, still life, portrait and figure model or landscape. We believe it is essential to work from life and the best way to improve our drawing and painting skills.