“Exploring Otherlands: A Personal Journey of Cultural Roots through Art”

I’m absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news about our upcoming exhibition, “Otherlands,” which will be showcased at the Green and Stone Gallery.

The show will feature my work, along with stunning paintings of fellow artists Toby Gawler and Annam Butt. Through our distinct cultural lenses – Italian, Australian, and British Pakistani – we invite you to join us on a journey that celebrates the beauty of our diverse heritage.  The exhibition will be open from the 11th to the 16th of September. Private viewing on Tuesday 12th September 18.30-20.30

A Trio of Cultural Narratives:

“Otherlands” brings together our artistic expressions, highlighting the unique threads that connect our backgrounds. The story begins with my Italian heritage, a lineage rich in history, art, passion and caffeine: the elixir of life.  Toby Gawler’s art takes us across oceans to Australia, his homeland, capturing its untamed seascapes and vibrant colours through his imaginative narrative. Annam Butt’s artistic muse originates in Pakistan’s vibrant landscapes, traditions, and intricate objects, thus uncovering the mesmerising fusion of faith and art that defines this country.

Shared Beginnings and Ongoing Connections:

Toby, Annam and I share this exhibition and our roots at the London Fine Arts Studios where we met. The journey that followed has been one of growth, self-discovery, and collaborative effort. Today, Toby and I are also teachers at the institution that nurtured our artistic growth.

London Fine Art Studios has allowed me to build a solid foundation without compromising my artistic identity, precisely what makes the school exceptional. It equips students with a strong foundation while empowering them to cultivate their unique artistic voices.

A Personal Evolution through Art:

For me, preparing for “Otherlands” has been a personal evolution. The exhibition’s theme of cultural roots spurred me to delve deeper into my Italian background. I amassed a treasure trove of Italian art books, a fantastic consequence for an art book addict like me.

Through these books, I rekindled the stories of forgotten Italian maestros. I’ve also spent more time in Italy, wandering through the most enchanting cities and exploring their art galleries. This journey took me to Piacenza at the Galleria Ricci Oddi where I worked on a mastercopy of Antonio Mancini, which will also be part of the exhibition.

Closing thoughts

Toby, Annam, and I invite you to experience the beauty of our cultural roots through the language of art. From September 11th to 16th, the Green and Stone Gallery will be a doorway to different worlds, where you can witness the fusion of traditions, stories, and perspectives.

I hope that you will be able to carve a moment to come and see us. Toby and Annam will have a portrait demo on Friday 15th September 1400-1700 while I will be working on a still life demo on Saturday 16th 1400-1700.

Cristina 😊