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Though we emphasize the importance of drawing, the step into oil paint is so seductive. The materials involved are more complicated: paints, mediums, brushes, canvas supports and palettes

It is best to practise skills in draughtmanship in drawing media before embarking on oils. Painting in grisaille (onetone) eases the transition from charcoal to oil paint. The student can establish shapes, value patterns and edges before leaping into colour.

When colour is introduced we encourage a limited palette: ivory black, cadmium red, yellow ochre and titanium white. It can be liberating to see how many colours can be created from so few. It is often the draughting, the subtle gesture and well established proportions, the play of light that give the painting strength.

The skills honed with cast drawing and limited palette still-life paintings and figure paintings can readily be translated to portraiture, landscape painting and compositional sketches.

The craft of painting is covered in most of the courses available. For further details please refer to the detailed section for each course.

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A range of oil paints, mediums, canvas supports and brushes are available from Lavender Hill Colours including our Starter Painting Kit.

Recommended Further Studies:

We encourage students to compliment their studies by taking the time to visit exhibitions and practice sketching in museums. In addition, the Studios host a range of events throughout the term aimed at enhancing the artist’s understanding of their craft and the tradition that they are working within.

We recommend the following books available from Lavender Hill Colours

Alla Prima II – Richard Schmid (paper back or hard cover)

Alla Prima Companion II – Katie Swatland

The Painter’s Methods & Materials – A.P.Laurie

Hensche on Painting – John W. Robichaux

A Manual of Oil Painting – John Collier

The Painter in Oil – Daniel B.Parkhurst

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials – Harold Speed

Still life oil painting course atelier london oranges      Still life oil painting course atelier london flower

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