LFAS Success at RP exhibition 2022

LFAS has had lots of success this year at the RP exhibition. Earlier this May, Mall Galleries hosted The Royal Society of Portrait Painter’s annual exhibition. Several of our students and alumni gained a place in this prestigious exhibition, including Mark Chen, Nneka Uzoigwe, Jitrachote White, and Phoebe Dickinson. 

This year was particularly special at the RP Exhibition. To celebrate the Queen’s 70th jubilee, the RP’s patron, the main gallery featured a wonderful selection of portraits painted by RP members. 

Around two hundred artworks were displayed, each selected from thousands of entrants. Huge congratulations therefore go to Mark Chen, Jitachote White, Phoebe Dickinson, and especially Nneka Uzoigwe, who was awarded the RP Prize for her self-portrait.

Highlights of the Exhibition:

Mark Chen self-portrait - Displayed at RP Exhibition
Self Portrait
Mark Chen
Oil, 180 x 90 cm (190 x 100 cm framed)

Mark Chen’s Self Portrait definitely stood out from among his neighbours. Measuring at just under 2 metres high, this work was painted on an ambitious scale, demonstrating the Mark’s technical prowess. The perspective of the palette is particularly wonderful, showing us the colours he was using.

Nneka Uzoigwe self-portrait - Displayed at RP Exhibition
Narcissus (Self Portrait) 
Nneka Uzoigwe
Oil, 85 x 66 cm (101 x 82 cm framed)

We are all delighted for Nneka – her award is very well deserved! Nneka’s self-portrait appealed to the judges because it was more than just a self-portrait. Look carefully are you’ll notice the Narcissus flower, two figure, and gold thread that Nneka holds.

Jitrachote White self-portrait - Displayed at RP Exhibition
Jitrachote White
Charcol & chalk, 96 x 66 cm

This beautiful charcoal piece by student Jitrachote when pregnant, and demonstrated some fantastic technical skill and charcoal handling. What a wonderful memento of being pregnant with her child too!

Phoebe Dickinson portrait - Displayed at RP Exhibition
Girl in a Pinafore 
Phoebe Dickinson
Oil, 61 x 90 cm

Phoebe Dickinson’s delicate portrait, ‘Girl in a Pinafore’, was refreshing to see among so many other wonderful, but more sombre, portraits. Notice the sheer fabric of the pinafore, and the way the pink of the dress comes through.

Well done to all our alumni and tutors! We’re very excited to see what else Mark Chen, Nneka Uzoigwe, Phoebe Dickinson, and Jitrachote White will get up to this year.