Joys and Perils of Landscape Painting – Autumn Term

Richmond Park | London Fine Arts

This Autumn Term we have braced the cold every Thursday to go and paint by Pen Ponds in Richmond Park.  Not only have there been beautiful views to paint but also some very characterful interventions from the wildlife crossing our path – we’ve had battling swans one week and a wandering stag another.  Nevertheless, we have returned each week to develop our work and I feel hugely rewarded for it. 

Here is an overview of my four week project in landscape class.


Week 1 – A tonal grisaille in colour harmony. The lake was keyed dark with the intention of scumbling lights on top.

Week 2 – Learning about colour relationships and perspective between the sky, clouds, trees and lake. Also paint handling and brush techniques to describe sky holes, foliage and skyline relationship.

Week 3 – Building up on colour complexities in lights and shade. Describing the tree trunks and branches in preparation for week four.



Week 4 – I spent this lesson applying brighter cleaner colours, as well as softening the tree trunks which I had painted in too sharp the week before. I also refined the darks and lights  in order to better describe the different plains of the landscape and emphasise the distance relationship of the trees to the foreground.



And for an insight into our adventures in the wilds of Richmond Park, watch this video!