Lockdown 3. Competition 4.

For our fourth challenge, our students were asked to paint a figure using the Zorn palette. If partners and friends were not prepared to model! – students were able to paint a still life instead. This week’s challenge was about designing the whole. We had some great submissions!… By Valentina By Donna By Ester By […]

Competition no 3.

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    We’ve loved seeing how creative our students have been during lockdown! For our third challenge, our students were asked to paint a portrait using Zorn’s palette. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful portraits. As always we had lots of great submissions.   This week Toby is our winner. As you’ll see from the below […]

Painting Eggs – using the Zorn Palette

Anders Zorn Palette

  Students often ask how they can practice their portrait skills when away at home and if they should work from photographs. I firmly believe, that although photography has its place, the best use of your time, if a model is unavailable to you, is to paint eggs from life. We may want to go […]

MONACO MAGAZINE The Renaissance of the Polymath.

MONACO MAGAZINE The Renaissance of the Polymath

The below images were recently taken at our studios as part of a photoshoot published in Monaco Magazine. https://monaco-magazine.com/2020/11/16/the-renaissance-of-the-polymath/ The images evoke the vibrant and powerful entrepreneurial minds shaping today’s digital media and fashion world, reviving the Renaissance idea of polymaths as our original system thinkers, juggling multiple projects and talents across various industries. Photographer: […]

Online Art Classes for Adults – Jackson’s Art

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Many thanks to Jackson’s Art (www.jacksonsart.com) for their lovely post about our online courses… https://www.jacksonsart.com/blog/2020/11/03/online-art-classes-for-adults/ London Fine Art Studios was founded by Ann Witheridge with the aim of teaching the craft of drawing and painting to a community of dedicated artists. The Studios are based in Battersea and welcome students of all levels, providing a […]


Seven Days in the Art World

For those interested in working in the art world, this book is a must read! Sarah Thornton’s fly-on-the-wall narrative thoroughly investigates the multifaceted contemporary art world through seven intriguing stories – from art school to auction house, we’re offered a glimpse into the dynamics of a colourful world that isn’t always quite what it seems.  The demise […]