Anatomy Art Courses London
Gesture and Anatomy Art Course

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Course overview

Gesture and Anatomy looks at the figure as a machine whose parts are shaped by a particular function.

Course Structure

Mondays 1.30- 4.30pm – 10-weeks 

Term dates & prices here.

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Course Content

The course Covers deconstructing the body into three dimensional forms.  Gesture and Anatomy is understanding of the relation between form and function so that the student is able to apply this across artistic disciplines.

Returning students focus on internalising an understanding of the human form so as to execute quick gestural drawings.


At the beginning of term students will need to buy a box of charcoal, chamois (fabric for erasing) and generals pencils available from Lavender Hill Colours.

Recommended Further Studies:

We encourage students to compliment their studies by taking the time to visit exhibitions and practice sketching in museums. In addition, the Studios host a range of events throughout the term aimed at enhancing the artist’s understanding of their craft and the tradition that they are working within.

We recommend the following books available from Lavender Hill Colours.

Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing Techniques and Tips – Henry Yan

Drawing the Female Form – G.B. Bridgman & Ben Pinchot

The Human Machine – G.B. Bridgman

The Human Figure – John H. Vanderpoel

Die Gestalt des Menschen – Gottfried Bammes

Anatomy Courses London
Anatomy Art Courses London
Anatomy Art Courses London
Anatomy Art Courses London
Anatomy Art Courses London
Anatomy Art Courses London
Anatomy Art Courses | London
Anatomy Art Courses | London
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