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Evening and Saturday Course

Term dates, short courses and prices here.

Course Overview:

These courses are especially popular with individuals who have weekday commitments. We run evening Foundation Courses for those at the beginning of their training and Figure/Portrait Courses for those who have already completed the Foundation Course. These courses are often taken as a start to an artist’s formal training. 

There are evening printmaking and sculpture courses; the completion of the Foundation Course is recommended.

Course Structure:

Foundation Course:     Monday or Tuesday 6.30-9.15pm, Saturday 9.45am-12.45pm & 1.30-4.30pm

Figure or Portrait:         Monday or Tuesday 6.30-9.15pm, Saturday 9.45am-12.45pm & 1.30-4.30pm

Sculpture:                     Monday 7-9pm

Printmaking:                 Wednesday 6.30-9.15pm

Term dates and prices here.

Apply here or for more information email info@londonfineartstudios.com

Course Content:

For further details in all these courses please refer to the detailed sections for each discipline.

Foundation Course This follows the same structure as the day-time options, part 1 & 2 spread over two terms.

A thorough introduction to drawing and painting, covering the core principles as passed down through the figurative tradition and applied by a long line of Masters.

Part 1: students will learn about proportion, line & volume, chiaroscuro and colour.

Part 2: further emphasis is given to draughting skills as well as the development of oil-painting fundamentals, including colour harmony and paint application.

Figure or Portrait Courses : Those who have already completed the Foundation modules can enrol on the Figure/Portrait course. Over the course of the term students will tackle both disciplines, learning how to apply the Foundation Principles to Figure and Portrait.

All work is from the life model. Typically, students will begin by working in charcoal and then oils; starting the term with short exercises before moving onto a sustained pose (2/3 week project).

Sculpture Courses: Suited to all levels, students begin working from plaster casts before moving onto figure and portrait work.  You will learn about armatures, clay application, visual and calliper proportions.

Printmaking & Etching Courses: this course focuses on the fundamentals of intaglio printmaking.  You will learn about the methods, mediums and science of etching.  Work is best developed from previously completed drawings; please bring a selection with you to class.



At the beginning of term students will need to buy a box of charcoal and chamois (fabric for erasing), available from Lavender Hill Colours.  Paper is provided initially. In week 4 you will need to buy quality paper so as to more effectively work the chiaroscuro stage.  In week 7 or 8 students start to work in oils, for this will you will need a Starter Painting Kit.

Recommended Further Studies:

We encourage students to compliment their studies by taking the time to visit exhibitions and practice sketching in museums. In addition, the Studios host a range of events throughout the term aimed at enhancing the artist’s understanding of their craft and the tradition that they are working within.

We recommend the following books available from Lavender Hill Colours

Alla Prima II – Richard Schmid (paper back or hard cover)

Charles Bargue & Jean-Léon Gérôme Drawing Course – Gerald M. Ackerman

The Practice & Science of Drawing – Harold Speed

Portrait Drawings – John Singer Sargent

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