1-3 Weeks: Emma’s Foundation Course Journey

My first three weeks of the Foundation Course, Autumn Term 2018

I have so enjoyed my first three weeks of the Foundation Course. They’ve been a huge amount of fun and I’ve already learnt so much. I studied art at school and did a little at university but haven’t been taught since, so I’m pretty out of practice.

I have enrolled on the Monday Foundation course, both morning and afternoon, so that I am able to complete both parts of the course in one term. It is proving to be the perfect way for me to re-learn the grammar and scales of drawing and painting, whilst being surrounded by other like-minded people who are on the same very exciting journey, no matter what standard.


The first six lessons have been spent learning the techniques used at LFAS and the fundamentals of Relative Proportion, through step-by-step instruction and watching the tutor’s demonstrations. With lots of charcoal and endless pieces of brown packing paper, I have spent 18 hours grappling with drawing lines, boxes, bottles, teacups and more recently, plaster casts – whilst remembering to stand back from my board and to think, as well as look very carefully at what I am drawing, at all times!


Last week, I was introduced to shadow shapes and shading my charcoal drawings, which was both challenging, as it proved to be a lot more difficult I thought, and very rewarding when I finally got it right!

Foundation Art Courses Course

I’m very much looking forward to next week and using what I have learnt to build on my drawing technique – fingers crossed all goes well!