The Philip De Laszlo Trust


The de Laszlo Foundation – set up to support research and training in keeping with the legacy of Philip de László.

Philip de László (1869 – 1937) was dedicated and prolific, from humble origins he became one of the most accomplished portrait artists of his time. By the end of his career he had painted leading international figures and amassed an extensive collection of work. Today he is inspiration to many aspiring figurative artists.

We are grateful to the Foundation for their ongoing endorsement of the school. Since 2014 the Foundation has supported talented young artists to pursue their studies and training in figurative art. The scholarships have not only provided critical financial assistance, they have acted also acted as a vote of confidence and done much to springboard these artists into the professional sphere. Recipients have gone on to win awards, host solo exhibitions and secure representation further afield.

LFAS has more recently collaborated with the de Laszlo Foundation to produce a short film on the enduring legacy of Philip de László.

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