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What is Art For? Part 5

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Evolution of consciousness in Europe: 1: Upper Palaeolithic art Dr Charles Whitehead continues his series of  blog posts on the many functions of art Statue of the seal woman Kópakonan, in Mikladalur, Kalsoy, Faroe Islands Everything great in western civilization comes from struggle against our origins Camille Paglia The picture above shows a bronze and […]

Shirley’s work and study life in LFAS – Foundation Course, 4-6 Weeks

London Fine Art Studios, Foundation Course, Drawing Plaster Casts, Working from life, Value studies

In the following 4 to 6 lessons, we can choose the more complicated human torsos or plaster casts by ourselves to practice, which the drawing methods are the same as what we learnt from the previous lessons. We also changed to draw on the white paper rather than the brown paper, which makes the contract […]

Christie’s Lates by Emma Sutton

Christie's Lates & London Fine Art Studios

Christie’s Lates Workshop  Our 2020 series of workshops kicked off at Christie’s Lates: Art Beyond Borders – a celebration of art from both the UK and abroad. Amongst an incredible spectrum of Modern British Art from the upcoming sale The Delighted Eye: Works from the Collection of Allen and Beryl Freer– including works by Ivon Hitchens, […]

Georgie with Felicia Forte, Detroit, Next Generation Fund

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We are really excited about Felicia Forte coming to teach with us again this summer.   Last year, with the funds raised from her painting demonstration evening, Felicia very generously offered travel funds to two of the students who had attended her workshop and whom she believed would greatly benefit from time with her in Detroit. […]