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Part-Time Atelier Art Courses


This course is suited to those wishing to pursue a career in the arts but currently juggling other commitments alongside their training.

Part-time can be from as little as one 3-hour class to 2 full days (6 hours per day) a week. Class times are 9.15am-4pm, Monday-Friday. Students will sign up to and attend the same classes every week for the duration of the 10-week term.  Term dates and prices here.

Students are not required to enrol for the whole year although those seeking a full time, professional artistic career will need to dedicate 3+ years to their training.

We encourage students to compliment their studies by taking the time to visit exhibitions and practice sketching in museums. In addition the Studios host a range of events throughout the term aimed at enhancing the artist’s understanding of their craft and the tradition that they are working within.

We provide a supportive community in which to learn and plenty of opportunity to deepen your knowledge and build networks for the future.  Apply here or for more information email

Course Content:

The course comprises both foundation and life modules. It offers comprehensive training in the classical techniques and aims to provide students with the skills and confidence to find their own painterly expression.

  • Foundation – to begin with emphasis is given to mastering the fundamental principles of drawing and painting – judging proportion; training the eye to see in mass; understanding values and finally, colour harmony and paint application.
  • Advanced Cast Drawing – in order to become a confident, accomplished and versatile artist it is necessary to develop strong draughting skills. A part of each week will be spent in the Advanced Cast Drawing Studio, working on longer projects in charcoal.
  • Life Drawing & Painting – as students hone their draughting and consolidate the fundamentals, transition to life work becomes the logical next step. Beginning with nude and always working from the life model time is taken to apply the basics to the human form and eventually the portrait.
  • Additional Modules – over time there is the option to include any of the following in your week as a compliment to cast drawing and life work: Gesture & Anatomy, Still Life, Landscape, Printmaking & Etching, Sculpture

Throughout the term there are student-led art history discussions and technique focus groups as well as an untutored sketch-club.


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