8 Week Floral Still Life – Spring term

Detail of final painting.
Inspiration – A drooping marigold and other flowers spilling out of the vase (detail), Rachel Ruysch, Flower Still Life, c. 1726

This term I wanted to understand how to complete a longer more complicated still life. I planned to use a bountiful supply of spring flowers. Due to their short life, they would of course have to be replaced weekly. Here is a collection of images documenting these few weeks.






IMG_0453 IMG_0535 IMG_0972 IMG_1439

I started to build up the bouquet of flowers in my composition, a small bunch at a time. This meant I could concentrate on a small section of one or two flowers a session. This allowed time to finish each collection of flowers to the desired amount of finish and detail. The central poppy alone took me two full consecutive days in class.


IMG_0546 IMG_0612 IMG_0990

The most challenging part was designing of the composition. Not all the flowers I chose, worked in the set-up; when in the painting they sometimes clashed with the overall colour harmony, focal point, general feel and texture of the other flowers. So a lot of time was also spent editing in a variety of different flowers and painting over or wiping off what didn’t work.


When adding in the flowers one by one, I had to be aware of keeping a natural flow and structure, to stop a staged feel. Paying special attention to creating natural overlaps and where light and shadows would consequently fall, helped do this. Near the end additional shadows were carefully glazed in, as well as reflected colours on some of the flowers to echo their surrounding environment.


edited icelandic poppies
Final painting – Icelandic Poppies, oil on linen


London Fine Art Studios at the Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair | London Fine Art Studios

LFAS returns to the Affordable Art Fair for their autumn show in Battersea Park, this year taking on a delicious foodie theme.  In keeping with the this LFAS will be leading Still Life workshops and Ann Witheridge will be exploring the interrelation of art and wine, both as subject matter and sustenance for the artists!

All events listed here, tickets here.

Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 October, 7pm: Art History & Wine Tasting with Ann Witheridge

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 October, 4pm: From Palette to Palate a gastronomically inspired Still Life Workshop.

July Courses at LFAS

Introducing our award-winning artist and barista... Painting by Archie Wardlaw

LFAS’ much anticipated July Courses are two weeks away and very few spaces left!

4 weeks of 5-day intensives each focussing on a different discipline:

Foundation: 4-8 July, £350

Figure: 11 – 15 July, £385

Printmaking: 11-15 July, £350

Portrait: 18 – 22 July, £385

Landscape or Sculpture: 25 – 29 July, £350 (Sculpture £400)

Single weeks as priced; 2 weeks £700; 3 weeks, £1000; 4 weeks, £1200.

Full details here, to apply email info@londonfineartstudios.com

London Landscapes with James Kroner

james kroner workshop london atelier

Things are really hotting up at LFAS!  On 11 & 12 June James Kroner leads an urban landscapes workshop.  Over the course of the weekend students will capture the rugged character and colour of London with guidance from James.  His expertise has been honed over years and recognised in the catalogue scholarships and prizes to his name, both national and international.

James’ own work reveals a fascination with the shifting patterns of light. He plays close attention to tone and colour in an attempt to render the double-edged atmosphere of the city, both real and other-worldly.  To book and for details see here or email info@londonfineartstudios.com

Can’t make the weekend?  James will give a talk on Friday evening, sharing his technique, influences and evolution as an artist.  Tickets £10, email info@londonfineartstudios.com

Landscape Painting with LFAS

landscape london course atelier sheep

It is just the weather for being outside – finally!  LFAS artists are looking forward to painting in the park with Ann tomorrow and every Thursday throughout the Summer Term.

Term began on 18 April but if you are keen to sign up there will be a short Landscape Painting Course, 25-29 July, £350.  To book email info@londonfineartstudios.com

We are also excited for James Kroner’s Workshop on 11 & 12 June 2016.  Full details here or email info@londonfineartstudios.com


London Fine Art Studios is an independent art school based in Battersea, London.  We teach the classical techniques or drawing and oil painting whilst enabling our students to find their own painterly style.  Classes are taught in the atelier tradition and range from Foundation through to full time, including options such as Sculpture, Printmaking, Gesture & Anatomy, Still Life, Figure and Portrait.  Apply here or email info@londonfineartstudios.com