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London Fine Art Studios Calendar & Prices

London Fine Art Studios’ academic year is divided into three terms, each of 10 weeks with a half-term break in the middle.  We accept applications for study throughout the year and are always happy to organise a tour of the school for prospective students.  Apply now

**Our Summer Term 2020 will have 3 start dates and no half term. Start dates 15th June, 6th July and 27th July. Students can book for 5 week sessions. 

**Please note, classes are limited to 5 students per class to allow for the recommended 2 meter distance. Each group of 5 students will be allocated their own sink area. 


  • Summer Term 2020: Monday 15th June or Monday 6th July or Monday 27th July 
  • Summer July Course 2020: Monday 6th – Friday 31st July (a 4-week programme with a choice of Printmaking, Sculpture, or Landscape on the last week)
  • Autumn Term 2020: Monday 14th September – Saturday 28 November (Half-Term, Monday 26th – Saturday 31st October)
  • Spring Term 2021: Monday 4th January – Saturday 20th March (Half-Term, Monday 15th – Saturday 20th February)

How The Scheduling Works for the Summer Term 2020!

We will have 3 starts of term 15th June. 6th July, 27th July. Students can sign up to a block of 5 weeks starting on one of these 3 dates.   Please email for more details. 

How The Scheduling Normally Works!

All new students to the school wishing to study drawing/painting are required to complete the FOUNDATION COURSE PART 1 & 2 (ten 3-hour lessons for PART 1 and an additional ten 3-hour lessons for PART 2).  If you are studying more than 1 day per week the Foundation course can be combined with the Figure and/or Still-life courses.  Sculpture, Etching, Gesture & Anatomy do not require the foundation course. In certain subjects, prices or timings may vary as detailed in the table “term-time subjects”.

Term-time Hours 2020/2021

Morning  9.15am – 12.15am
Afternoon  1pm – 4pm
Evening  Monday & Tuesday: 6.30pm-9.15pm Sculpture Monday: 7pm – 9pm
Saturday  10am -1pm, 2pm – 5pm

Term-time Prices 2020


 3 Hour Lesson

 1 Day per Week

 2 Days per Week

 3 Days per Week





Full -Time

 4 Days per Week

 5 Days per Week



Term-time Subjects 2020


 Monday – Friday: 1pm-4pm

 Thursday: also 9.15am-12.15pm

 Further Information

 Monday – Friday (except  Thursday):  9.15am-  12.15pm

 Saturday: 10am-1pm

 Further Information
 Still-Life  Wednesday & Thursday: 9.15am-12.15pm and/or 1pm-4pm  Further Information
 Advanced Cast Drawing  Monday & Tuesday: 9.15am-12.15pm and/or 1pm-4pm  Wednesday:  9.15am-12.15pm  Further Information
 Foundation  Monday & Tuesday: 9.15am–12.15pm; and/or 1-4pm; 6.30–9.15pm  Saturdays: 10am – 1pm and/or 2pm-5pm  Further Information

 Monday (all levels): 7-9pm

 Tuesday & Wednesday (all  levels): 9.15am-12.15pm and/or 1-4pm

 Further Information
 Etching  Tuesday:  1-4pm  Further Information
 Gesture & Anatomy  Monday: 1-4pm  Further Information
 Landscape  Thursday: 9.30am-3.30pm  Further Information

July Courses 2020

Students can sign up to a combination of any of the courses below. 1 week, £395; two weeks, £765 To Buy; three weeks, £1,110 To Buy; four weeks, £1,370 To Buy

 Foundation  Monday – Friday July 6th -10th  £395 To Buy
 Figure  Monday – Friday July 13th – 17th  £395 To Buy
 Landscape   Monday – Friday July 13th – 17th  £395 To Buy
 Portrait  Monday – Friday July 20th – 24th  £395 To Buy
 Landscape   Monday – Friday July 27th – 31st   £395 To Buy
 Etching   Monday – Friday July 27th – 31st   £395 To Buy
 Sculpture  Monday – Friday July 27th – 31st   £395 To Buy

Holiday/Short Courses 2020

Pastel Portrait Workshop  Tuesday 16th – Thursday 18th June 2020  £270 To Buy
Still Life & Flower Painting  Tuesday 23rd – Thursday 25th June 2020  £270 To Buy
Landscape Course  Monday 14th – Thursday 17th September 2020  £310 To Buy
Foundation Course  Monday 26th – Thursday 29th October 2020  £310 To Buy
Portrait Course  Monday 30th Nov. – Friday 4th December 2020  £395 To Buy
Portrait Sculpture  Tuesday 1st – Thursday 3rd December 2020  £270 To Buy
Materials Workshop   Tuesday 8th – Wednesday 9th December 2020  £165 To Buy
Figure Course  Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th December 2020  £265 To Buy
1 Day Foundation – Taster Course  Sunday 28th February 2021   £75 To Buy
Etching Course  Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th March 2021  £150 To Buy
Pastel Portrait Workshop Tuesday 23rd – Thursday 25th March 2021  £260 To Buy
Still Life & Flower Painting Course  Tuesday 23rd – Thursday 25th 2021  £270 To Buy
Portrait Sculpture Course  Tuesday 23rd – Thursday 25th March 2021  £270 To Buy

 David Shevlino Figure Painting Workshop 2020 link

 A 5 Day Figure Painting Workshop  Demonstration with Q&A

 Tuesday 27th – Saturday 31st October

 Thursday 29th October

 £540 To Buy

 £20 To Buy

 Felicia Forte Alla Prima Portrait Painting 2021 link

 2 Day Still Life Course  TBC   £230 
 4 Day Portrait Workshop  TBC  £480 
 Combined Course  TBC  £695 
 Demonstration with Q&A  Wednesday TBC 6.30-8.30  £20 

Henry Yan Figure Courses 2021 link

 Drawing the Figure  Monday 6th – Thursday 9th September  £415 To Buy
 Painting the Figure  Friday 10th – Sunday 12th September  £310 To Buy
 Drawing & Painting  Monday 6th – Sunday 12th September   £695 To Buy
 Painting Demo, Q&A  Thursday 9th September 6.30-8.30  £20 To Buy

Term Time Clubs & Events will resume in 2021

All proceeds go to the Next Generation Fund, an account set-up to support students in their training  

 Sketch Club

 Figure on Monday: 4.15 – 6.15pm (Drop-In)

 Portrait on Tuesday: 4.15 – 6.15pm (Drop-In)

£8 (non-LFAS) / £60 for the term; £3 (F/T LFAS)  £6 (P/T LFAS)
 Art History Lectures  Tuesdays or Wednesdays 4.30 or 6.30pm twice a term £10 (non-LFAS); £7 (LFAS); £3 (student lecture)
 Demonstrations  Tuesdays 4.30-6.15pm twice a term £10 (non-LFAS); n/a (LFAS)


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