LFAS postcards have arrived!


We are thrilled with the results of our first ever postcard competition!  We received many varied and beautiful images and were hard pressed to narrow it down, however, after much deliberation we selected 8 works to reproduce as postcards.

The postcards have now arrived and are on sale in our shop, Lavender Hill Colours.  They are available to buy in person and online: 70p per card or £5 for the set of 8 images.

All proceeds go towards our Next Generation Fund.

Many congratulations to the winners and with thanks to all those who took part!

Life Drawing with Flaming June

Flaming June | London Fine Art Studios

Last week Leighton House Museum opened a spectacular new exhibition which sees Flaming June returned home.  This painting is accompanied by the four other works that Leighton submitted to the Royal Academy the year before his death.  Together they form an exceptional and intoxicating body of work.

On Tuesday 15 November, 1-4pm, Ann will be teaching life drawing in Leighton’s Grand Studio.  A unique opportunity to hone your drawing skills and view Flaming June and friends, up-close and away from the crowds.  Book tickets through the Leighton House Museum website or by following this link.

Also, Wednesday 16 November, 7pm: My Love to the Academy: Leighton’s Last Works.  Learn more about the peculiar history of the collection and its place in the wider context of RA exhibitions.  Book tickets through the Leighton House Museum website or by following this link.

Joys and Perils of Landscape Painting – Autumn Term

Richmond Park | London Fine Arts

This Autumn Term we have braced the cold every Thursday to go and paint by Pen Ponds in Richmond Park.  Not only have there been beautiful views to paint but also some very characterful interventions from the wildlife crossing our path – we’ve had battling swans one week and a wandering stag another.  Nevertheless, we have returned each week to develop our work and I feel hugely rewarded for it. 

Here is an overview of my four week project in landscape class.


Week 1 – A tonal grisaille in colour harmony. The lake was keyed dark with the intention of scumbling lights on top.

Week 2 – Learning about colour relationships and perspective between the sky, clouds, trees and lake. Also paint handling and brush techniques to describe sky holes, foliage and skyline relationship.

Week 3 – Building up on colour complexities in lights and shade. Describing the tree trunks and branches in preparation for week four.



Week 4 – I spent this lesson applying brighter cleaner colours, as well as softening the tree trunks which I had painted in too sharp the week before. I also refined the darks and lights  in order to better describe the different plains of the landscape and emphasise the distance relationship of the trees to the foreground.



And for an insight into our adventures in the wilds of Richmond Park, watch this video!



London Fine Art Studios at the Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair | London Fine Art Studios

LFAS returns to the Affordable Art Fair for their autumn show in Battersea Park, this year taking on a delicious foodie theme.  In keeping with the this LFAS will be leading Still Life workshops and Ann Witheridge will be exploring the interrelation of art and wine, both as subject matter and sustenance for the artists!

All events listed here, tickets here.

Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 October, 7pm: Art History & Wine Tasting with Ann Witheridge

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 October, 4pm: From Palette to Palate a gastronomically inspired Still Life Workshop.

1st week back at LFAS and new journal!

London Fine Art Studios Journal

Hello my name is Nneka Uzoigwe and I am a second year student at LFAS. As a newly awarded recipient of the De Laszlo Foundation Scholarship I have been invited to keep a blog documenting my time at the studios! A bit about me, I am an aspiring artist who came to study here last November, where I began the foundation course once a week for ten weeks. I found this extremely informative and encouraging after a year of self-instructed studying and became a full time student at the beginning of January.

Still life set up
Still life set up

I thought I would begin with a look back at one of my favourite compositions I’ve painted previously. One of the many important things I’ve learnt in still life class is how to set one up. You are encouraged to come in with your own ideas and given help and advice about composition and lighting. This one of Delphiniums and a copper pot was naturally lit with a soft daylight from the studio window and wet tissue was wrapped around the tips of the flowers to stop them wilting so quickly.

My painting at different stages on cut linen

As with the atelier tradition of teachers working alongside students, in class teacher Archie Wardlaw chose to paint this set up next to me. This was a rather ambitious and challenging composition for me to take on within a day’s lesson, so it was highly beneficial to have my teacher demonstrating as well as critiquing.  It gave me a point of reference and a clear sense of how to tackle the different stages of the painting.  From observing Archie’s approach, I learnt that making the right choices in terms of value and colour and by following a logical order of application, I could complete my painting with a lot more speed.



New de Laszlo Foundation Scholars announced

De Laszlo Scholarship | London Fine Art Studios

We are grateful to The de Laszlo Foundation for their continued support of the school.  Now in its third year, the scholarship programme has enabled many talented young artists to further their training and build their confidence, successfully making the transition into the professional realm.

We are pleased to announce two new scholars for the Autumn Term and look forward to witnessing their development as artists:


Oolong with Roses by Nneka Uzoigwe

Charcoal Portrait by Tim Daoust



Back to school

Art Courses in London

The Autumn Term begins 19 September.  We look forward to welcoming back old and new faces.

Few Foundation spaces left, additional courses include:

Beginners Sculpture, Mondays, 7-9pm

Printmaking, Wednesdays, 1-4pm

Urban Landscapes, Saturdays 10am-1pm

Apply online here or for more information email: info@londonfineartstudios.com.  Want to find out more?  Watch this short video about the school.

Henry Yan is back…

Henry Yan Art | London Fine Art Studios



The silence is amazing, you can hear a pin drop as students listen intently to the wisdom and experience of Henry Yan.

Back in London for two workshops at London Fine Art Studios: Drawing the Figure, 5-8 September and Painting the Figure, 9-11 September.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, to learn through trial and error and to cultivate the habit of hard work and practice.  At the end of the day they come away inspired and happily exhausted.





London Fine Art Studios: An insight

London Fine Art Studios: An insight

London Fine Art Studios: An insight This is us!  We have been busy working with acapmedia to produce a wonderful video about the school.  Thanks to Chris and Aaron of acapmedia for all their work and expertise.  Thanks also to the team at LFAS for their participation.

Check us out here:

[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”https://youtu.be/NBoCL1gGuiw”][/pexyoutube]

We look forward to the release of a second short film produced with acapmedia.  Also with the support of The de Laszlo Foundation.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Aristotle)

portrait steps alla prima oil painting course

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Aristotle)


Today London Fine Art Studios celebrates a fabulous first year! Three terms of cast drawing, of oil painting, of nudes and portraits have flown by and we are enjoying a buoyant start to the summer courses. To mark the occasion and show that artists can party as hard as they work, we will be found picnic-ing and generally making merry in Battersea Park.


Highlights from the year have included an inaugural lecture from Simon Schama at Leighton House Museum; a talk by Alison Smith, Curator at Tate Britain; workshops and artists-in-residence at Dulwich Picture Gallery; filming with ACAPmedia; Griselda Murray Brown, FT Arts Editor, speaking about the synaesthesia of music and art; and so much more!


However, most exciting has been the expanding programme of classes to include Advanced Cast drawing, Printmaking & Etching, extended Sculpture schedules and new workshops with international artists. We are still looking forward to Henry Yan’s arrival in September.


And yet, though we be young in years, we are rich in experience. As with the Welsh football team, LFAS is greater that the sum of its parts: Ann Witheridge, Founder and Director, brings years of teaching, drawing, painting, exhibiting to bear on her leadership and vision for the Studios; our teachers are also established artists, represented nationally and internationally with creative projects a-plenty under their belts; our art store stocks the best materials from around the globe, offered at affordable prices to our students with a generous lashing of expert advice from Director Scott Pohlschmidt.


Then there are the students, hungry to learn, of all ages and backgrounds, with enriching life experiences of their own. The best will draw on the support of their peers as well as the knowledge of their teachers to further their craft; they will make the most of the lectures, partnerships and events that the Studios organise to help further their professional development.


Thus, the staff, the students and even the spaces (imagine artist’s paraphernalia and worn wooden floors) provide a unique and enormously productive learning environment.   Add to this a method that has lasted centuries, classical techniques handed down from one European Master to another. Newcomers begin with the Foundation Course, they learn the fundamentals and train their eye to see afresh, they learn what Aristotle knew: the delicate interplay of parts and whole, never fixating on the detail, always stepping away from the easel to see the bigger picture.


All this amounts to a carefully considered and honed training for amateur and professional artists, for part-timers and full timers alike. One that is supportive yet challenging, consolidated through tradition and wholly contemporary.


I would like to say how much I enjoyed my term at LFAS. The staff is amazing, welcoming, and all around wonderful, the store far too tempting, Chris’ tea some of the best in London, and the general atmosphere inspiring, lovely, and motivating. And as frustrating as it sometimes was (is) to learn a new way of doing something you think you already know how to do, the technique taught as LFAS is exciting, engaging, and expansive. I feel so fortunate to have found LFAS. Many thanks to all of you who make it work so very well.


Testimonial of LFAS Student